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I am super excited to share this! My Book, yes MY Book is published and on Amazon. Please check it out, if you like it, just give it a few hundred raving reviews! Seriously, This guide was written specifically for Narrators, Voice-Over Talents, and Podcasters to get started quickly using Audacity 2.1.2. I created this ebook because I was in the exact position you are now, excited to get started but not sure how to get the best sound from my system. Even though you are recording right away and with great ease, there are several important things you need to know about editing and mastering your track and meeting the requirements of sites like ACX and LibriVox. Audacity is an excellent program used by many professionals. Do not feel like you are missing out because you didn’t pay hundreds of dollars. As a Narrator, Voice-Over talent or Podcaster, Audacity has everything you need to get started fast and become the success you were always meant to be.

Available exclusively on Amazon

The Best Start-Up Guide to Audacity for Narrators

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This ebook is a collection of important information scattered throughout the web that I spent days searching for and then figuring out what did and did not work in Audacity. This included convenient methods and shortcuts that I learned from countless videos and tutorials, filtered and focused on the needs of the Narrator that simplify the process. I hope you enjoy it!

My goal to bring you the BEST customer service and highest quality voice over! I have a professional home studio and editing software.
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Phone greetings
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I am excited for this opportunity to work with you, communication is the key to success and I will always be available to address the needs of your project. I offer Professional Quality - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed work.

I record in my home studio with professional equipment and software. Let’s work together to make your project a success!